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Think your vote doesn't matter? Think again! Elected officials are in charge of making many decisions that impact our daily lives now and in the future. Those in office decide how clean our air and water will be, whether our families or businesses will have access to health insurance, what topics our kids will learn in school and whether our nation will go to war. Don't be fooled into thinking your vote doesn't matter. Make your voice count. Register to vote today!

Missouri Residents: For more information on registration qualifications, where to vote and how to request a voter registration form, go to the Secretary of State's official website.

NEXT MUNICIPAL ELECTION - The next scheduled Election is the General Election on Tuesday, June 23., 2015

Jackson County

Jackson County voters, here's how to contact your local Board of Election Commissioners:

Board of Election Commissioners
215 N. Liberty St.
PO Box 296
Independence, MO 64051

P: (816) 325-4600
F: (816) 325-4609

Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City should contact the Kansas City Board of Elections, info below:

Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners
Shelley McThomas
1828 Walnut, Suite 300
Kansas City, MO 64108

P: (816) 842-4820
F: (816) 472-4960

Call Your Local NewsTalk Station!

Talk Radio is an effective tool in building communities and exchanging ideas. However, not enough people make their voice heard! So take action, voice your concerns and stand up for what’s right for Jackson County. Make sure both sides of emerging controversies and debates hit the airwaves. Place that call today!

Click here for a list of various news, talk and public radio stations operating in Missouri and Kansas

When you do call a talk show, keep these tips in mind:

Call early so you’re most likely to get on the show.

  • If the line’s busy, don’t give up – KEEP DIALING!
  • Know what you plan to say before you call! Writing down three key message points can help you STAY ON TRACK!
  • Stay "on message” by sticking to your main point.
  • Keep your answers brief.
  • Stay calm, even if the host or other callers verbally attack you, your ideas or your proposals.
  • Don't feel bad if the host or other callers disagree with you. The point is you made your voice count!

Write a Letter!

Letter writing campaigns to the media and elected officials are an important part in making you voice count. Well-written letters encourage debate among the public, alert legislators to start tracking an issue, and can even change an editor’s point of view. Check out the below links and start writing letters on topics you care about today!

Missouri Newspaper Editors

FOSB Blast Emails